I’m Back!

June 14, 2009

I’m Back!

Some many things happened this season when all those tasty green plants started growing again. A lot of things. But they were so many days ago yesterday that I don’t remember what they were anymore.

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Anyway, about Now:

Today I went for two long car rides in one whole day, and both times when the door opened after we stopped, the house was there again! I think this is an amazing thing– we have the most clever house!

I have been helping with some yard work, which I like because it is Outside. Except I don’t like being tied to the porch railing because I can’t run at all and that is boring. But mostly I like yard work.

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I’ve also been going for a lot of walks at the Lake, like yesterday. Except I was so excited about all those other dogs that I ran very-very-fast!, and Dogmom ran too, and that was Fun!! So today I am tired. Also, it has been very hot for dogs these days. Hot is not fun either, but I don’t rememebr it’s hot when I’m sleeping, and I like sleeping.

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February 16, 2009

Some days are for pictures.  Today is for words– I have a lot to say today!!

First thing early early I said some things from the floor.  This works good for getting to go outside.  I said some things to the cat after breakfast, and we played a whole lot before lunchtime, but he wouldn’t talk to me anymore after I chewed up his toy.  Then I went for a car ride.  I can see out the windows when I sit up now, so this is Fun.  Except when we’re moving fast I like to lie down so I don’t fall over.   In the car ride I said a lot about the air scents from the car windows.  When Dogmom got tired of driving we opened the door and we were at the fun house!   I said some things at the front door– this is good for getting to go inside.  Then I said some things to my dogcousin, and we’ve been talkin’ all day long.  My favorite thing to say is “i got your toy”, and my next favorite thing to say is “i got your bone”, and my next favorite is “tag.. tag… tag… you’re-tag!.. tag.. you’re it!”.  These are fun things to say for about a long time.  Then it’s time for water.  Right now it’s time for dinner and I’m saying it, but Dogmom’s starin’ at the light box again.  There are all kinds of boxes in the world, did you know?  There’s the stinky box that food and things go into, but nobody ever takes them out to eat again (sometimes I think this is Not Fair), the empty squishy crunchy tear-y boxes always stacked next to it which are good for chewing, and boxes with many many flappy papers which are good for chewing until someone finds out, and the big white box that give me ice cubes, and the little shiny box Dogmom holds in between us a lot (but not lately),and  food-smelling boxes that go behind all the doors in the kitchen.  And a lot of other boxes.  I notice people don’t stare at kinds of boxes as much as they stare at the light boxes.  I think this is boring, like now.  When I stare at things too much I fall asleep!!

There. Was. Ice!!

February 3, 2009

i have been having the Most Fun.  some days ago for two whole days there was ICE where the front yard used to be.  it made me slip like on the floors in the house sometimes.  only i was outside.  i discovered a new thing about the ice yard– it’s made up of lots and lots and many ice cubes!  you can make them appear if you run through the ice yard in the right spots and make it crunch and crack.  ice cubes are excellent for eating.  it’s also really easy to spot sticks on top of the ice yard.  the bad thing about the ice yard is that i don’t like to hurry up on it… you gotta keep your paws moving or it makes them cold really fast.  sometimes i would ring the bell to go outside and there would still be ice!!  and then i would remember that i didn’t want to be outside, really.

today i rang the bell to go outside and not many ice cubes were left.  i ate the ones i could find.  ice is good outside, but it’s better out of the big box  in the kitchen.  grass is better outside, for doing my hurry up thing, and for laying down on, and for running with sticks on.

ice is the best for eating!!!

Winter Light

January 15, 2009

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From December

January 15, 2009

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Misha’s First Christmas™ 2008

January 15, 2009

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Misha’s First Thanksgiving

December 1, 2008

i think Thanksgiving is the greatest thing ever.  Dogmom said i was supposed to find things to be thankful for.  she didn’t tell me that Thanksgiving is days in a row of dinner extravaganza!!!

first, Dogmom stayed home from work on a day she leaves, so i knew something was going to happen.  we got to take a car ride, and when we got out of the car we saw the Fun House where my dogcousin lives.  i like this house because it is big for running around, and it has nice floors to hurry up on, and many smells in many corners.  there are also many toys in this house, and they are all for dogs!!  there were many many good food smells inside, and a lot of food all over.  i played with many toys and watched everybody make food for a long time.  mostly i played with toys.

then a lot of people i didn’t know yet came to the house, and i got to meet them.  they must have smelled the food.  the people brought more food with them, so they got to stay.  after a long time of talking, all the food went on a big table, and all the people sat down and ate a lot for a long time.  the eating took a really really long time, and i was waiting the whole time, and i only whined a little.  after they were finally finished all that talking and eating, Dogmom gave me some food too and said Happy Thanksgiving!!  that was the best part.

i learned a new food.  i learned that i love turkey.  turkey is Great.  it’s even greater than eggs!!  it might be even greater than carrots, too….  well, maybe.  it didn’t take me a very long time to eat my turkey.  i wonder why people eat so slow?  after everybody and every dog finished eating, there was more talking and some naps.  i don’t remember because i was playing a lot.  later some people sat at a smaller table with lots of little round chips and big stacks of hard paper that didn’t taste very good, and i wasn’t supposed to eat when they fell on the floor.  there was even more food!

i was tired after that day, but then it happened again the next day!  there were no new people, and only the people that lived in the Fun House were there eating that day.  i did a lot more playing.  we didn’t go to the Fun House again after that, but  on the next couple days i got to eat more turkey that Dogmom brought home.

the other thing i like best about Thanksgiving is that both of my people got to stay home many days in a row with me!  we went for walks, and took naps, and played a lot, and it was really fun!  i like when they stay home.  we have a good time.

one day on Thanksiving i also learned that the other paw has a cookie name too– it’s “shake hands”.  i got to shake hands with all my new people friends at Thanksgiving, and i got a lot of cookies.  sometimes i even got turkey!  i like Turkey.

i think Thanksgiving is the best People Thing ever!